July 21, 2011 - We have restructured some of our offerings and pricings.  Due to popular demand from our customers, we are setting up Context Management Systems, CMS Systems, just about all available, for a simple setup fee of only $500.   This replaces the automated site builder that was suited to small to medium business and now for a few dollars more, allows the small to medium to large sized companies to all have access to the most advanced feature rich and departmental tools that are avaialble in the market today.  While this represents a price increase in the low range, this also is a huge upgrade for the customer or business.

There is no change to our high-end cusomtized pricing and each of these are priced by features and time.

Additionally, all our training and support is now purchased in 1 hour block increments which are used only as needed and then can be replenished as needed.

Thank you for all your support.

  • The Total Solution Launched 01/01/2009
    Media To Net introduces the first one of a kind, The Total Solution for the Net from the Internet Online Specialists. After many years of industry experience in Online Solutions. There are many companies that provide servers, many companies that offer hosting, many companies that have a website builder, many companies that only do custom website design and there are companies that only do advertising, marketing and e-marketing, and compaines that do only multi-media video, flash and photo work. With the introduction of Media to Net's new offering, you get it ALL, right at your Fingertips with a login or enter a simple request to have us come right to your door for training or custom design and support. We are Media To Net, the TOTAL SOLUTION that accomodates all businesses!

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